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Hello. You are currently on the wiki of CPPS's. For those of you who are new around. CPPS's are club penguin private servers. They're like Club Penguin in some ways; others not so much. For one; On CPPS's, you can say anything, get any item, and you can transport to various rooms. Such as with the room ID, of course. Almost all CPPS's are different. Meaning, different commands, staff members, and the rate at which it is up. There are multiple CPPS's that come out. Not all of them actually "run" you could say. But, exploring this wiki will help you better understand everything.

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Well, isn't it obvious? Club Penguin private servers of course! I will post a lot here about each and every private server there is. Whether it's legal wise or just anything there is to know! Our site is helped a lot by So, check their site out!

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